Life MC - What You Call Skills ft Si Philli & Raq Eterno

Phi Life Cypher's Life MC dropped his solo album Life Beyond Rap in 2010, available still on

The album produced by PLC's DJ Nappa also features Ill Bill, Spain's Raq Eterno, Si Philli, Inja, Chester P & Skuff.

As usual Nappa's beats are on point, from straight hiphop head noddin bangers to more subtle productions like Music Makes The World Go Round.

Phi Life Cypher remain legends in UK hiphop, ever since the days of Millenium Metaphors and are still one of the few crews to be quoted internationally. As a group, they are soon to finish their new album which should see the light of day over the next few months and will act as a welcome return to the scene at a time when some standards have been slippin.

Check the audio for the track What You Call Skills ft Si Philli and Raq Eterno HERE

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