Vast Aire feature in Lime Magazine and new track with UK's Melanin 9

Latest review of Vast Aire's album Ox 2010 A Street Odyssey appears in London's Lime magazine, by journalist Semper Aziz-Harris. The album features artists Raekwon, Cappadonna, Guilty Simpson, Double AB, Genesis & Vordul Mega. Production comes from Kount Fif, Thanos, Harry Fraud, Surock, Ayatollah & P.O.V.

Available now on Man Bites Dog Records, click HERE to read the review

A new special mix of Yakuza ft Double AB, Access Immortal and UK MC Melanin 9 has also just been released. Check it out HERE

Look out for another new EP from Vast in August as well as more special remixes featuring UK artists

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