New Video Interview - The Beeshine speaks with New Jersey's 050 Boyz about their inspirations, history, the local hip hop scene and their new album

Couple weeks back, The Beeshine made the short trip over from Jersey City to Newark to hook up with Riq da Kid, Tru Trilla and Prince AK, aka 050 Boyz.

As part of their "What Inspires..." series, the online tv channel spoke with the hip hop group about their early inspirations and what inspires them now, their own history, and their new album "Everything 050" which releases on 4th August

In this video, there's a recurring theme reflected in the name of the group taken from the local area code. Early inspirations include many of the greatest Emcees of all time, but with an additional particular focus of the success of local artists such as Naughty by Nature and Lords of the Underground (who they'd go on to work with), Redman, Queen Latifah and how that encouraged them to follow suit. Witnessing live performances by Slick Rick & Doug E Fresh, the music of MC Shan, Sugarhill Gang, Teddy Prendergast, Smokey Robinson, they reflect on how the music and the success of artists from round the block acted as a major motivation.

This concept is carried forward by the group themselves in attempting to inspire new generations from their local area, promoting the Garden State scene, shining a light on the independent artists coming through and their work with youth projects. This in line with their involvement of Treach's Garden State Greats Movement of 2004, and the inclusion of local Emcees as featured guests on the album.

They also look back on their own progression through the years from producing mixtapes, releasing videos and grindin on the streets to now reaching out globally and developing their own entertainment company which again they hope will benefit those on the come up in future.

The appreciation of family and community support is clear as is their intention to reciprocate.

As a group, they discuss the dynamic involved, three distinct styles coming to the table, how the creative process is cathartic and the buzz produced from the crowd interaction at their shows. Prince AK also speaks about his role as hype man for Treach's Naughty Nation and touring with them in China, before the interview concludes by addressing the album itself

Probably one of the most insightful interviews 050 boyz have given to date

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Look out for much more international media coverage on the group and their album in the coming weeks, together with new videos and audio releases. You can connect with them on Facebook and on twitter @050_Boyz (@RiqDaKid_050 @PrinceAK_050 @EgoFree2_050)

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