Genesis Elijah - Front Room Freestyle

Brought up in Brixton and now based in Watford, Genesis Elijah is one of the proven footsoldiers of UK hiphop and earned his reputation over the years from the days of releases such as So Hip Hop.

He's also from a generation that think differently. As an example, to quote Sumit from The Hip Hop Chronicle, "if youre a rapper, rap, that's what you do". So Gen's put this freestyle video together in his front room, cos that's what he does.

He's got a clothing line, "This Is My Hustle". His own imprint to release music is called "Escape Route Music". The clues are in the title.

Over 2011 he's been working on a new album, but in the meantime produced a mixtape "I Aint Even Charging Bruv", available from and if you check his Youtube channel you'll see the level of consistency to keep putting material out there, cos its what he does. Also search Youtube for other videos he's featured on this year.

His talent's obvious, he pays his bills & supports a young family with a part time job, but he keeps grindin with the time available.

We worked with him last year.

All artists look for opportunities for media exposure or opportunities that help them progress.

The difference with Gen is that if you put forward a list of opportunities, he'll look for a reason to do it, and he'll back it up by makin it happen. He doesnt think the world owes him a living. He doesnt take forever to make his mind up if he can do something or be somewhere. He knows social media's supposed to reflect what you do, not BE what you do.

Ballin about the "big moves" youre about to make? Well do it, dont talk about it. Look at guys like Gen's work ethic and reach out to people like that.

If youre readin this & know exactly what the fuck Im talkin about and that it applies to you, make a change for 2012. Nothin stoppin you, get your shit together and if youve got the talent to match the grind you'll at least get recognition in the way people like Genesis Elijah do.

Gen's got a new album coming soon, I Aint Even Started Bruv. While it was supposed to come out earlier this year, he's just finishin it off with the right tracks. It'll likely be in the next few months, which is handy as January is going to be a big month for UK hiphop for reasons you'll all find out soon enough.

So get your gameplan together now, and look out for Gen's new album and also a possible group project coming in the new year

You can reach Gen on the websites above or on twitter @GenesisElijah


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